A-Y'S - Always Young Seniors

President: Ray Norrie

The A-Y'S (Always Young Seniors) group is our fantastic senior adults who meet the first Monday of each month at 11:30am for lunch and a special program.  They are also involved in monthly ministry projects of outreach in meeting the special needs of others.  The  "official" age is 55 and up, but other "younger folk" have been known to join them on occasion.  Guests are always welcome!

They also enjoy taking occasional short day trips during the spring-fall months.  They are actively involved in the support of many of the ministries of our church through prayer, special assistance, and guidance through their experience and spiritual wisdom.


Special Events

A-Y'S - Monthly Meeting

  First Monday of each month @ 11:30am


Ministry Projects
  • Bring eye glasses no longer used to give to Perkins Lion's Club
  • Bingo Suggestions: Jr. Kleenx, small lotions, note pads, individually wrapped cookies/cakes, etc. talc/bath powder, diaper wipes.
  • Red Bud: jigsaw puzzles; Word Search Books; playing cards
  • Special need items for Payne County Youth Shelter: Hygiene products, underwear for boys/girls, boxers, socks, combs, hairbrushes, A-line Tees, make-up, hair barrettes, deodorant for men/women, clothes, shoes, craft supplies, paper products, zip lock bags, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent.
    Gift items: disposable cameras, watches, new clothes, etc.
  • Stillwater Domestic Violence Shelter: Wal Mart gift cards…$5, $10, $15 (for gas for shelter clients), Laundry soap (“HE” High efficiency) only Bathroom cleaning supplies* Kitchen cleaning supplies (i.e. toilet bowl, all-purpose cleaners, etc.)
  • Mission of Hope Shelter:
    For men & women: long sleeve shirts .. jeans ... underwear socks ... manicure sets cologne & shaving sets (would be great) (The folks who stay with us are in transition and usually in need of some of these items.)
    Continuing needs at the Mission include: coffee cups ... coffee ... creamer ... sugar foil ... saran wrap ...over the counter cold meds toilet paper ... paper towels ...hand sanitizer milk ... bread
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